Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd

Padraig Delaney - Regional BIM Manager
Mike’s knowledge and experience of the industry, and more specifically BIM & Digital Engineering, has proven to be invaluable to Sir Robert McAlpine over the years. He clearly understands the needs of the employer whilst recommending the best opportunity for the BIM candidate. The exceptional individuals that Mike has helped us to secure have greatly contributed to the wider Sir Robert McAlpine BIM Team.


Mark Norton - Head of BIM
Using Johnson BIM has been a decisive way for us to recruit highly specialist talent for specific roles. Mike and his team get straight to the point, clarifying requirements, focusing on the candidate and their suitability, and exploring how they can add value to our organisation. Another significant element in Johnson BIM’s arsenal is the company’s in depth understanding of the impact and importance of technology within ISG and our vision for the future. Providing this quality of service delivers ISG with the talent we need to maintain our market-leading position within the industry.

BDP – Bristol

Keith Pavey - Former Architect
For a number of years Mike Johnson and his team have collaborated successfully with the Directors of BDP’s Bristol studio in the area of staff recruitment. During this period Mike has responded to some challenging briefs and sourced a range of high calibre people at all levels including Director, fully-qualified and part–qualified staff. We look forward to working with Johnson BIM over the coming years


Paul Burger - Design Director
BIM promotes 3D CAD and intelligent information. This requires a collaborative process, a common objective and a major cultural shift in the industry. Johnson BIM gets this and provides a truly unique service.


Professor David Philp - Director of BIM – EMEA
Johnson BIM has comprehensive knowledge of the BIM community and is constantly helping to push adoption and understanding around BIM enabled careers. They have always delivered with integrity and honesty and I am delighted to recommend them.


Lewis Wenman - Lead BIM Manager
The evolution and adoption of BIM throughout the industry challenges us all. Recruitment within this arena requires specialist knowledge and understanding of the process. Johnson BIM’s determination to push BIM adoption aided by their enthusiasm and understanding of the whole BIM process assists the recruitment selection process by delivering the experienced and high calibre personnel that meet our demanding standards.

Stride Treglown

Kevin Steer - Past Chairman
A brief note to thank you for the enthusiasm and commitment that you have demonstrated in assisting us in our search for a senior appointment in the Emirates. In many ways I would not expect anything less from you, knowing you as long as I have done, nevertheless the effort you have made on our behalf to find the right candidate was exceptional and has contributed to this new business venture becoming a reality for us.


Malcolm Stagg - Former Director of BIM & Digital Engineering
Put simply, Johnson BIM has demonstrated a genuine and reliable capability to offer the finest candidates. Skanska is a values led organization and it is really important that agencies understand the technical and behavioral requirements that align with this – through Johnson BIM’s partnership approach this is achieved time after time.


Anirudh Sood

Placed with Aukett Swanke
I was recommended Mike’s services by a colleague, who had a great experience with Mike. Throughout the recruitment process, Mike has been extremely professional and encouraging. As I considered a change in career path, Mike put forward a clear plan to establish my career aspirations and consider my strengths and development areas. Through his knowledge of the BIM sector, he came up with excellent job opportunities for me. He secured a range of interviews for me and was very helpful in my decision-making process. I would highly recommend Mike’s services!

Graham Kelly

Placed with BIM ACADEMY
I have known Mike for a number of years and is always the first point of call when we need excellent candidates. The level of care and attention given to finding the right people for roles, rather than a blanket CV approach is second to none. I look forward to continuing to work with Mike and the team as BIM Academy continues to grow.

Dalila Cavallo

BIM Consultant placed with BIMBox Consulting
“I haven’t given up hope for you” Mike Johnson said to me in one of our conversations and well, he didn’t!  Mike proved to be really attentive, honest and extremely knowledgeable about BIM and the Digital Built Environment. He really understood my career aspirations and found the best role to accomplish them. He matched my aspirations with the right opportunity at the right time. JohnsonBIM understand what a person in each role needs to be capable of and what the employers are looking for. I was particularly impressed with the thoroughness of their approach, the extent of Mike’s network and by the quality of clients and companies he deals with. His high level of professionalism delivered with a very personal approach makes JohnsonBIM the ideal partner for a career move in digital engineering.”

Francesca Lofiego

BIM  Coordinator placed with ISG
After 2 years from our first chat, Mike called me back with a new opportunity, and here I am, a new job, a new challenge! Mike has been very professional and always happy to help me with all my questions! He understands what you are looking for and find the perfect position that suits your skills and interests! He knew I wanted to make a step in my career in the construction environment and after a few weeks, he came back to me with the perfect option. Many key people in the environment know JohnsonBIM and that is also why they are able to give you opportunities that can change your career. I really recommend Mike and JohnsonBIM if you need a good recruiter.

Matteo Orsi

BIM Manager placed with Morris + Company
Absolutely amazing. Mike understanding of the sector makes a real difference: he knows that Bim is more than a piece of software. His attention to each step of the recruiting process is fantastic. You definitely feel supported in your career development

Imran Zafar

Visualiser placed with BDP
If you are after a new opportunity and need help, Mike is very professional, organized and really does add a personal touch, rather than the usual sales agent pitch. I had a great experience with Mike and I cannot express how much of a pleasure it was to have him as representation. Gladly recommend Mike to my contacts.

Šarūnas Nekrošius

Project Technology Manager placed with BDP
"I have been contacted by so many recruiting agents, but the way Mike came across was just very exceptional. I was not in the position to look for the new job but I was always motivated to hear about available exceptional job opportunities. Mike Johnson was very professional from the start of the conversation about an available role at industry recognized practice where I could make a step in my career. He knew exactly how to communicate across both sides. This is definitely someone i would like always to have around to discuss my future career steps"

Itala Melo

Trainee BIM Manager placed at Bond Bryan
“The stars will align” Mike Johnson said to me in one of our conversations. And well, they did! My experience with Mike and Johnson BIM was incredible, since the first contact. He knew my expectations, what I was looking for and made the best match. His experience and knowledge are invaluable, which made me feel secure and professionally looked after. He is persistent and always encouraging. I would definitely recommend Mike and Johnson BIM for the next steps in the someone’s career in BIM/construction.

Dion Kerasidis

Geographic Information Systems Engineer placed at J. Murphy & Sons Limited
It is very hard these days to find the right people to link you to the right job with the most effective and professional way, being honest and always there to help you with advice and guidance. Very knowledgeable about the industry, Mike Johnson has been a valuable partner for my success whom I will always prefer and recommend to colleagues.

Jaliya Goonetillake

Research Engineer placed at Construction Innovation Hub (CIH)
I first got in touch with Mike towards the end of my PhD. He was extremely helpful and attentive when it came to considering my career goals. He factored in both my ambition of working in research as well as my prior industry experience to find this role which I am extremely happy in. Mike helped me understand where I would be able to fit within industry with my existing experience. I would highly recommend JohnsonBIM to anyone who is looking for a role in BIM.

Veronica Friuli

BIM Manager placed at ISG
Mike possesses a deep knowledge of the BIM sector and works with a wide network of well-qualified companies across a range of job disciplines. He understood my requirements providing extremely professional and personalised service, unlike almost any other recruitment consultancy. Mike has been absolutely amazing throughout the whole recruitment process; I have never met such a professional and dedicated recruitment person. I cannot thank you enough for your full support, for believing in me and for helping me start a new chapter of my professional career.

Fulvio Del Barba

BIM Coordinator placed at Kier Group
I had the pleasure to work with Johnson BIM in one occasion and I was favourably impressed by their professional and friendly approach. Mike and his team demonstrated competence, support and flexibility throughout the whole recruitment process. Mike proved to be really attentive, honest and extremely knowledgeable about BIM and the Digital Built Environment, carefully selecting the roles which best suited my career goals. I highly recommend Johnson BIM to anyone interested in a career in digital construction.

Olivia Canniffe

Assistant Digital Engineer placed at PCSG
I cannot fault the service and efficiency I received with Johnson BIM. Mike found me the perfect role for a great company and I love the job that I am in. I felt that my requirements were really listened to and understood to find me a role that really suited me. I couldn’t recommend this company enough.

Neil Simmonds

BIM Implementation Consultant placed at ClearBox
Mike and Nick have a specialised knowledge of the industry and are best placed to understand employment requirements. They have provided a professional service throughout and I recommend Johnson BIM to prospective candidates.

Lubomir Popoff

BIM Coordinator placed at Sir Robert McAlpine Johnson BIM’s expertise and professionalism were of invaluable help as I transitioned into the construction industry. A nerve-wracking process was made much easier and Mike was always willing to clarify any uncertainties. I found myself very fortunate to come across him in such an important time of my career and felt that my aspirations were listened to. To those looking for representation, look no further and put your trust in Johnson BIM.

Rob Brandin

Digital Construction Consultant placed at WSP
One of the things I like most about Mike Johnson is his professionalism and objectivity. He is also very persistent and determined to get the best results for your career. His knowledge and experience of the industry are invaluable, to the point he has no competition in the market. Mike's success lies in his patience to wait for the best opportunity, creating a great atmosphere between employers and employees, getting the best results for both. I have big respect for all he does as he makes things happen. I would recommend Mike to every professional wanting to make a big career move.

Thomaz Schenatto

Architectural Technician placed at Bouygues
My first point of contact was Nick who was remarkably attentive, taking his time to assess my career ambitions and level those against my current skills in order to place me on a role that would better suit my personal goals. From the very beginning of my engagement with JohnsonBIM I felt their willingness in making sure I felt looked after professionally. Their initial technical assessment not only enabled me to evaluate my skills but also gave me the confidence that I was fit for the proposed role. They have enabled me to engage on a dream opportunity for which I am extremely grateful. Their high level of professionalism delivered with a very personal approach makes them the ideal partners for a career move in digital engineering. I couldn’t recommend them more!

Lee Cubeddu

Senior Digital Engineer placed at Willmott Dixon
Taking my career into a different direction, this was my second time using Johnson BIM successfully. Their knowledge in this sector and in particular BIM and Digital Engineering is second to none, clearly understanding the needs of the employer and candidate to perfectly match the role and lifestyle balance. I am extremely happy in my new role and I wouldn't entrust my career options to anyone else. I would gladly recommend Johnson BIM to others in a similar position to myself.

Davide Benanti

BIM Manager placed at Sir Robert McAlpine
Johnson’s BIM expertise in finding a role that matched my new career path has been incredibly successful, with Mike’s in-depth knowledge in the digital construction sector and the exceptional network of clients he deals with second to none. Their guidance has been outstanding with an exceptional focus on building long term win-win relationships employee-recruiter-employer. I will continue to entrust Johnson BIM in the future and would highly recommend to those looking to take their career to exciting levels.

Ryan Donoghue

BIM Manager placed at Wates Construction Limited
Having dealt with other recruitment firms in the past, Johnson was a breath of fresh air. They took the time to understand my aspirations, and given their understanding of what we do, were able to match me with exactly the role I was looking for. Now six months in, I couldn’t be happier. Mike was attentive and supportive throughout the entire process, and seemed genuinely pleased for me when I was offered the role. I would recommend Johnson to anyone looking for a career move within the BIM discipline.

Daniel Reucroft

BIM Manager placed at Wates
After 10 years at the same company looking for new jobs seemed like a daunting task but I felt comfortable speaking open and honestly with Mike right from the initial call, as such he was able to provide me with an excellent opportunity to take the next step up in my career. A next step which I felt completely comfortable with because of the trust I gained in Mike. Mike has a true understanding of BIM, the impact BIM has on the digital environment and how important it is to get the right people into the right roles. Mike went the extra mile to get to know me as an individual, which enabled him to place me in a role which really suited my needs both personally and professionally. This is a fantastic trait which I believe puts Johnson BIM a step above the rest.

Peter Cordier

BIM Coordinator placed at Skanska
I was impressed with Mike’s insight and knowledge of the BIM sector. He seems to know all of the right people within the industry which demonstrates the extent of his large network. I am now working for an excellent company as a BIM Coordinator which represents a significant and positive career move for me. Mike was always available for the right advice or just for a chat throughout the recruitment process. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone that is looking for a job within the AEC BIM sector. I would say Johnson BIM were a cut above the rest.

Denitza Moreau

BIM Lead placed at Skanska
Johnson BIM’s recruitment services are a high mark above the market standard because they have a well founded and thorough understanding of what the different roles in the emerging BIM industry do. They understand what a person in each role needs to be capable of and what the employers will be looking for. I was particularly impressed with the thoroughness of their approach, the extent of Mike’s network and by the quality of clients and companies he deals with. With a thorough search, attention to detail and excellent communication with both myself and potential employers, he managed to identify very exciting dream job opportunities no one else could have offered.

Adam Atraktzi

Project Architect placed at HASSELL
It can be very nerve racking looking for a new job in the construction and design sectors, with thousands of practices of various ages, stages, aspirations and reputations to choose from – all of which can change in a short time. Working with Johnson BIM gave me the benefit of decades of experience and personal insight, shedding huge amount of light on practices both established and new. There are few people I would trust more to help shape my career with an unparalleled focus on my personal growth and future, something I will be eternally grateful for. They are a rare example of how establishing a personal relationship with their clients, both employers and candidates, allows them to always get it right.

Gareth Edwards

Formerly placed with Flanaghan Lawrence
Nick and the team at Johnson BIM were a pleasure to deal with. Nick was very approachable and flexible allowing me to contact him at times convenient for me. Nick went above and beyond, providing a personalised service which accommodated my future career aspirations and finding a role which was best suited for my career progression. I would highly recommend Nick and Johnson BIM to anyone looking to take the next steps in their career progression. Their knowledge of BIM and the AEC industry combined with the personalised service is second to none.

André Lima

Formerly placed with Arup
Nick Orr was the key factor in finding me an opportunity in the UK. Nick showed a very particular interest in getting to know me before starting to look for roles. After he finalised his research, I had a few interviews with some of the best companies in the UK. I can testify to his positive attitude towards work, therefore, taking into account the competencies that I recognise in Nick, I hereby express my full support to his work as a Recruitment Agent.

Eimhin Rafferty

Formerly placed with Watkins Gray
Nick and his team at Johnson BIM have been a pleasure to deal with. Meeting Nick early on helped us both find out what was right for me. Their specialist knowledge of BIM in the AEC industry is impeccable. They matched my aspirations with the right opportunity at the right time. I have and will continue to recommend them without hesitation.

Viet Cuong Le

Project Technology Manager placed at BDP Mike redefined the term ‘recruitment agency’ for me. Unlike many others, he took time to fully understand my career goals, found me the environment that best suits my needs, and gave me all the kinds of support I could imagine to make sure I landed my dream job. If you are considering a career move in BIM, do yourself a favour and call Mike today!

Scott Fenton

Formerly placed with Heathrow Airport
My experience with Johnson was excellent. They have a fantastic insight into the industry at all levels and their advice and help was second to none. The support staff were equally helpful and collectively I found them all to be dedicated, proactive, efficient and effective in dealing with setting up interviews, client feedback and contract negotiations. I would highly recommend Johnson’s service, and can confidently say that I don’t think my positive recommendation expresses highly enough how satisfied I was with their approach.

Neil Thompson

Formerly placed with Balfour Beatty
They really understood my career aspirations and found the best role to accomplish them. Johnson BIM think about what people want to achieve in the long term, and understand which organisations are best placed to unlock their potential.

Casey Rutland

Formerly placed with ARUP Associates
As a knowledgeable company who understand the requirements of the modern AEC industry, Johnson BIM are without doubt leaders in their field. With a mutually beneficial focus on both the employer and employee, resulting placements often form long-term relationships rather than fire-fighting immediate requirements. Holding positions within industry steering groups, Johnson BIM find themselves influencing future roles and accessing key industry desires. Always professional in their dealings, I know also regard them as industry allies and friends.

Dave Lee

Formerly placed with AECOM
Johnson’s understanding of ‘BIM people’ allowed me to be placed in an office that moved me from ‘Architectural Detailer’ to ‘International BIM Director’ in less than 1 year! Without their foresight, experience in BIM placement and support throughout I would still be an over-experienced, under-paid CAD monkey!

Donna Glasgow

Office Manager placed at Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios
Professional yet personal! Johnson supported me greatly in securing a new and exciting role with a fantastic architectural practice. Johnson’s approach to matching exactly the ambitions of the candidate with the requirements of the employer shows their passion and dedication for getting it right first time! It’s a pleasure to recommend Johnson to any forward thinking business looking for the right people to build their business.

Alex Gibson

BIM Manager placed at Sir Robert McAlpine
Johnson BIM have been a key role in the progression of my career from a Revit Technician to a pioneering BIM Coordinator. Johnson BIM’s knowledge of the industry has enabled them to match me with several companies that have benefited from my knowledge whilst giving me the experience I need to get ahead. I will always recommend Johnson BIM to anybody who is looking to take their career in BIM to the next level.

Shaun Farrell

Formerly placed with Turner and Townsend
Johnson BIM’s insight into the industry is second to none and I would not entrust my career and the careers of others with anyone else. Time and time again they have demonstrated a complete understanding of exactly what is needed in a person.

Paul Earley

Formerly placed with BAM
Very friendly and good to talk to. Great contacts within the industry and work hard to set up interviews. Very quick results in securing interviews with largest and most prestigious design firms in the UK.